Scoop Makhathini weighs in on Lucas Raps buying a mansion before ‘making money’

Scoop Makhathini has shared his views on Lucas Raps’ recent purchases following his signing to Def Jam records.

Lucas Raps posted pictures of himself at his new mansion with a few cars in the parking area.

In the latest episode of POPcast, the media personality said he was worried about the rapper because he was seemingly splurging his funds on a mansion, a car and other superfluous items.

“I’m also scared because, drowning in the ice, the big house, the big car, all of this before the work comes out, it’s scary! I’m not saying it’s not good. I’m saying it’s great. The deals that kids get into very young. You see how most of these deals pan out as an old person or as a mature person judging from what’s happened in history,” he said.

Lucas Raps joined Def Jam records earlier this month and announced he would soon release an album titled 013 To The World . 

“I’ve been working this project since 2018. Discarding what I didn’t like, improving on what I did and accommodating the dynamic growth that contributed to the development of my sound.

“This is only the beginning. The wait was an honest test of faith. To myself and all my supporters. I appreciate your patience. Trust me it’s worth the wait,” he wrote at the time.