Rehsa’s biggest dream comes true

WHAT started as a coping mechanism for a heartbreak became Rehsa’s biggest opportunity.

The 21-year-old new age R&B musician and dancer made an EP about his heartbreak, not knowing it would lead to getting signed by Def Jam Recordings Africa.

He spoke to SunBuzz about how this big opportunity came by.

“Back in 2020, I went through a heartbreak. I fell in love with some girl, but we never got into a relationship. But I was really into her, even though we weren’t together. “After a while, she decided to ghost me because she was upset at me for something. I was frustrated, angry and heartbroken,” said Rehsa, whose real name is Asher Ziwengu.

“I decided to write about it, I made it a whole journey and it eventually became an EP. “It goes from love to heartbreak. I wanted to release it in 2020, but couldn’t because the lockdown affected everything.

“I had to move it to 2021 and one of my publicists submitted my EP to Def Jam without telling me. I got a message saying Def Jam wants to sign me and that was unbelievable,” he said. The Joburg-born-and-bred musician said he knows he was destined for this.

“I really think this is blessing. I’ve always believed I’m one of the chosen people. Many are called, but few are chosen and I think I’m one of the chosen people. I’m really humbled.

“Also, I’ve always known that one day, I’d be associated with something big and it has finally happened,” he said.

He said his love of music was inspired by the late Michael Jackson and R&B singer Chris Brown.

He’s currently adding the final touches to his EP, “Right now, we’re mastering. We’ve put out the track list already. I’m also working on more music that I’ll drop after the EP has been released,” he said.