Rehsa Takes Us On A Musical Journey With His New Single

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Def Jam Africa

February is deemed the month of love; people are declaring love for one another, and some are strengthening their love stories. This isn’t what Rehsa is going through as he lays vocals on his new single titled “Gone”.

The new Def Jam Africa Recordings signee pours his heart out to love lost on this single as he holds on to beautiful memories of what his relationship used to be, with his heart broken into a million-part Rehsa wishes that his lover would have stayed for a while. “Gone” is Rehsa’s debut single which will lead up to his EP titled “The Colour” set to release sometime this year still. Rehsa is one of the few new voices is R&b in our country and wished to see himself expanding into other markets within the continent and beyond. “R&B is a beautiful genre of music no matter how sad the song can be, as an R&B singer and songwriter I make sure that I capture all relatable stories so that the song can reach as many hearts as possible“ said Rehsa

Known for his dance moves and killer voice Rehsa born Asher started his music career at a young age, he closely watched stars like Michael Jackson as well as Chris Brown for inspiration. Today we see so much influence of these stars in Rehsa’s music however his flair on the sound goes unmatched. The way music is consumed has changed in the years and Rehsa made sure that he catches the right market at the correct platforms, social media has aided this artist with putting himself out there. His performances of other artist’s covers caught the eye of the international star Normani which was a huge stamp of approval for this artist.

This heartthrob is going to steal a lot of hearts through his music for a long time, he is a voice to be reckoned with.

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