#GirlCrush: The new neo soul sensation, Mikhale Jones

I love discovering new artists and sharing with my friends and family – and the stunning neo soul artist Mihkhale Jones is my latest obsession! 

One of my favourite genres of music is neo soul. Think Dangelo, Lauryn Hill, Musiq Soul Child etc. The South African music scene is mainly focused on house music and the different variations of it: your deep house, amapiano, and Gqom music. Do not get me wrong, if you have ever watched any of our Facebook videos at ‘Stacey and JSbu’, you would know that your girl likes to break it down on the dance floor!

However, what you may not all know is that I love listening to old school RnB and neo soul music. I recently discovered a fresh local talent whose song, ‘My Soul’, has been on repeat on my Spotify playlist. Mikhale Jones is everything I love; young, vibrant, fashionable (you know I love a girl who is fashion forward), and, most importantly, talented! 

‘My Soul’, according to Mikhale, speaks from a deep part of her personal journey with growing into herself as an artist. 

Just settling into my twenties and having completed varsity, I was ready to discover my purpose and who I was as an individual. It was scary, I was scared of the unknown, because all I knew is that I no longer knew who I was. I became numb as a coping mechanism because the world just didn’t feel like a safe space to be in. I felt like I was losing my soul 

Mikhale Jones

Mikhale is signed under record company, Afroforce Records, a division of Universal Music Group, alongside Mi Casa. Afroforce will be releasing and marketing the single not only in South Africa, but in continental Africa, as well as Europe.