Boity’s tribute to her fellow queens

In her latest single, the rapper- cum-television icon, Boity Thulo, is paying tribute to television producer and actress Connie Ferguson and her mother, Modiehi Thulo.

She said this was important as she wanted to give her icons flowers while they can still smell them.

Titled Own Your Throne, the song, which was released on all major music platforms on Friday, is only her third single since she announced her transition to being a rapper.

She says the reason for this delay is no fault of her own as it wasn’t by choice.

“Those who watched my reality Show “Own Your Throne” will know I had issues with my previous label/management. This was preventing me from releasing music,” says Boity.

But she has major plans lined up for the rest of year as she just signed with the prestigious record company, DefJam Records Africa.

“I will be releasing a lot more music this year. I am working on delivering a project sometime this year. Possibly an EP before my debut album. I had an existing working relationship with UMG SA who presented me with the opportunity to join the Def Jam Africa family. I’m extremely grateful and blessed to be a part of the stable. My new single is released under DefJam Africa.”

Boity explains this single is not only about her icons, but a celebration to every black independent woman.

“Own Your Throne celebrates all the independent women out there working hard in their respective fields – owning their throne.”

She also features on the international magazine, Billboard, which she says was fashionably timed with the release of her new track.

While self-isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic, Boity also reveals she has found a new love for cooking and baking.

“I’ve been spending my time exercising, reading, meditating and I’ve discovered my new found love for cooking & baking! It’s important to keep your mind & body fit during these times. As soon as it’s all over I plan to travel to a beautiful, peaceful, serene, tropical location,” she says.

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